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Destroy Darth Vader as the Empire Strikes Back for the Arcade

https://youtu.be/l3cgEmrTPYM If the Empire won't crush you, then it's those damn asteroids in The Empire Strikes Back for the arcade. While not a unique game,...

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Death Star Interceptor Is the First Star Wars Knock off Game

https://youtu.be/cSwSfgLtorc Even in the early 80's, Star Wars games have not had the best of luck so far. It doesn't help when developer/publisher System 3...

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Star Wars Squadrons Crash and Burn

https://youtu.be/lyIVu79EB1Q I was excited for Star Wars Squadrons, and so far, I'm kinda MEH. I did run into an issue where the game automatically put...

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Zombie Heads HALF OFF in Left 4 Dead 2

https://youtu.be/4yIqsLTo-aE Not even close to the end of the game, our survivors are taken to the mall! Progressing through a dilapidated food court, surviving spooky...

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What’s My Favorite Part of the Witch in Left 4 Dead 2?

https://youtu.be/G42KMjxZR_c We ran into our first witch this round. Her seductive cries... Her, luscious bones. ALL TOO ALLURING FOR LUCHO WHO GOT GAT BY THE WITCH...

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